New Wave City

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The First & Foremost '80s Dance Party (est. 1992)
A once-a-month (first Saturday) themed event in San Francisco, celebrating the music of the late '70s/early '80s known as New Wave. Your hosts & DJ's are Skip & Shindog, with resident DJ Low-Life and/or special guest DJ's in the second room.

"NWC is not some Johnny-Come-Lately Bandwagon Retro 80s Cheese Fest. It began in the early 90s, before the 80s had a chance to be retro, because the DJs missed the music they used to hear at clubs a few years back. I don't go to other 80s clubs (Hell, I don't go to other clubs at all), because a good many of them hone in on the cheesy retro angle. " -Amy

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Saturday, July 16, 2011  photo flag
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"Depeche Mode Tribute" - Sat Dec 4 2010  topic

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